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“Learn From Your Mistakes”

Full Spectrum Digital was established in 2020 during the peak of what is proving to be the hardest year in living memory for Australian businesses and workers alike.

We are a team made up of some of the best IT and digital professionals in Australia who like many other Australians had our livelihoods upended by the financial crisis initiated by the coronavirus.

But as the saying goes, when the going gets tough the tough get going so after some barely legal late night get-togethers, some in-depth planning and financing we put together a team of professionals each a master of their chosen field and created a digital agency with an unparalleled level of experience and expertise.

Our motto for this new business is “Learn From Your Mistakes” and like all business people we have made our share of mistakes in the past.

For example we all came from big office environments with big overheads. Then when the lockdown hit we were all forced to work from home which actually resulted in a huge increase in productivity. The time we saved in travelling to and from work, face to face meetings with clients and of course the impromptu corridor meetings which in hindsight were nothing more than social gatherings on company time.

We learned that in our line of work all we really needed was a powerful computer, reliable communications and a dedicated workspace, all of which we were able to procure at home.

The result was us leasing a single office on Sydney’s Upper North Shore for reception purposes only whilst the real work happens in the home office as it has since March 2020.

Just this one tactic reduced the projected overhead of the new company by over 25%. That along with other streamlining strategies means that we are much leaner on overheads and thus able to offer much more competitive pricing to our clients without sacrificing quality.

We will still offer face to face consulting with our clients in all states but only when necessary.

We hope you will support us going forward and in return we will deliver the absolute best in quality and service.

We look forward to serving you into the future.

Best Regards
The Full Spectrum Digital team.

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